Finance Your Education We offer a variety of resources, including scholarships and assistantships. Northwestern’s Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) program aims to serve this demand by producing graduates who have exceptional technical skills to create new AI systems and who also … ... Be part of a program with excellent reviews! Find out the steps you need to take to apply to your desired program. The program delivers the foundational knowledge needed to … Some students may choose to work as software engineers, while others prefer careers as analysts. This online MSc in Artificial Intelligence is ideal if you are motivated by the challenges and infinite possibilities of advancing AI. The areas of specialization in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, today represent the sectors on which public and private sector investments are concentrated to ensure technological and economic development worldwide. Students may develop critical-thinking and technology skills that help them excel in their career field, and they may also learn crucial problem-solving abilities. The potential of artificial … ... How to Apply Learn more about the application process and requirements. This degree may qualify students as experts in their chosen fields and make them eligible for a wider selection of high-paying jobs than if they only have a bachelor’s degree. Master, Liverpool , United Kingdom, London , United Kingdom, Groningen , Netherlands, {{ tt('website__program_pages__new_num_programs_found').replace('{num}', num_programs) }}. Global Engagement Learn how our teaching and research benefit from a worldwide network of students, faculty, and industry partners. Strong candidates from the social sciences—such as economics or psychology—with prior exposure to programming, statistics, and linear algebra will also be considered. However, it is an option to take half of the courses normally offered per year, resulting in … In addition to the esteemed faculty, many students enroll in the master’s programs largely because of the successful co-op program. The Master of Artificial Intelligence offers two stream options. Enrolling in a master’s program after obtaining a bachelor’s degree can give students advanced knowledge in subjects that enhance their careers. Poised at the intersection of the humanities and technology, the MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence combines the exploration of theoretical and ethical issues related to computing, data, and information processing with opportunities to develop some of the data science skills that underpin recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Student participation in experiential education provides enhanced: Northeastern’s co-op program is based on a unique educational strategy that recognizes that classroom learning only provides some of the skills students will need to succeed in their professional lives. Learn more about Northeastern University graduate programs. To stay ahead of change, and advance your professional career and personal life, you need to keep learning—now and throughout your lifetime. Robots, self-propelled cars and autonomous systems are increasingly becoming an important part of our future. data also revealed that AI job postings rose 29.1% in 2019. +, Learn about state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and robotics together with some of Sweden's leading researchers. Artificial Intelligence Core Courses (6) CS 480: Introduction to Artificial Int: 3: or CS 581: … Awarded 'Top Rated Program' label (Higher Education Guide 2017), and awarded best master's degree program AI in the Netherlands according to Elsevier, the MSc in Artificial Intelligence offers challenging graduation projects for the students. Stevens Institute of Technology - Graduate Studies, Master The curriculum incorporates elements of data science, robotics, and machine learning—enabling you to pursue a holistic and interdisciplinary course of study while preparing for a position in AI research, operations, software or hardware development, or a doctoral degree in a sector poised for explosive growth. Enrolling in a master’s program after obtaining a bachelor’s degree can give students advanced knowledge in subjects that enhance their careers. +. Those who initially experience co-op may have the opportunity to seek an internship for the following summer, or vice versa. ... ... The Master's programme Artificial Intelligence is a full-time programme and does not offer a part-time programme. The Master in Design for Artificial Intelligence trains professionals to lead the design of products and services that can integrate solutions related to artificial intelligence. This degree may qualify students as experts in their chosen fields and make them eligible for a wider selection of high-paying jobs than if they only have a bachelor’s degree. +, The Master in Design for Artificial Intelligence trains professionals to lead the design of products and services that can integrate solutions related to artificial intelligen The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at Khoury College prepares professionals for leadership roles in this emerging area of the technological landscape, educating students in the creation and administration of AI systems that can reason and respond to complex realities—systems that will revolutionize the 21st century workplace through seamless integration of human and AI capabilities. ... +, The Smart Systems major subject provides a competitive skillset and profound knowledge in the highly relevant field of Internet of Things (IoT) based smart and autonomous embe Project stream students complete an AI postgraduate project and choose two electives in each AI and IT. Use our website to find information about degrees and career paths from around the world and speak directly with admissions officers at the schools and universities that interest you. Successful applicants to the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program will have a background in STEM fields, with prior exposure to programming and statistics or linear algebra. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our life, and this change will significantly reshape our social and economic structures in the coming decade. The Master’s in Artificial Intelligence offers you an integrative and cutting-edge approach to the field from the viewpoints of Informatics, Logic, Cognition, Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics. ... Do you want to know more deep and reinforcement learning methods, understanding the principles of evolutionary computation and its … Other options within this field of study: The Master in Computer Engineering - Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is a 12-month study path that provides advanced skills in the field of computer engineering and systems engineering, analyzing issues of fundamental importance for the development of the IT sector , such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and data analytics. Job roles will change. Students opting to undertake the … The International Master in Digital Transformation is a brand-new programme offered by MIP Politecnico di Milano designed to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to overcome the challenges of Digital Disruption and take advantage of the opportunities of technological innovation. Final deadline for international applicants: Interdisciplinary curriculum incorporates elements of data science, robotics, and machine learning, Choice of two electives drawn from one of five specializations: Vision, Intelligent Interaction, Robotics and Agent-based systems, Machine Learning, or Knowledge Management and Reasoning, Incorporates coursework in ethical concerns in developing responsible AI technologies, Understand representations, algorithms, and techniques used across works in artificial intelligence, and be able to apply and evaluate them in applications as well as develop their own, Understand the basic processes that an agent must perform—from perceiving its environment to making decisions on how to act and performing those actions—as well as be able to develop and evaluate technology that can be used to perform these processes, Understand and apply machine learning techniques, in particular to draw inferences from data and help automate the development of AI systems and components, Understand the various ways and reasons humans are integrated into mixed human-AI environments, whether it is to improve overall integrated system performance, improve AI performance, or influence human performance and learning, Understand the ethical concerns in developing responsible AI technologies, Model human behavior, develop human-AI systems, and evaluate their performance, Demonstrate knowledge of the use of AI algorithms and processes in one of the specialization areas: robotics and agent-based systems, vision, intelligent interaction, machine learning, and knowledge representation and reasoning, Applied artificial intelligence researcher, PDF or scanned copies of unofficial undergraduate transcripts; you can submit official transcripts from colleges/universities attended at the time of admission, Statement of purpose, including description of relevant work experience, Three confidential letters of recommendation from professional and/or academic references who know your academic record and/or potential for graduate study, Unofficial TOEFL or IELTS examination scores, Unofficial GRE examination scores (all students), Undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.000, TOEFL — 100 or IELTS — 7.5 (for international applicants with a bachelor's degree from a nonnative English-speaking country), Learning, technical expertise, and occupational knowledge, Networking opportunities within your desired career path. 4 Counseling Psychology Career Paths to Explore, How Stories Create Experiences and Make Careers. ... Advanced degree holders earn an average 35% higher salary than those with a bachelor's degree (State Higher Education Executive Officers, 2012). Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Core Requirements, Wednesday, Feb 17, By enrolling in Northeastern, you gain access to a network of more than 255,000 alumni and 3,350+ employer partners, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and global nongovernmental organizations. Find out what additional documents are required to apply. Is an MS in Counseling Psychology Worth It? It’s the only standalone Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in the state of Texas and is one of few nationwide. Get advice on the program that's right for you. That allowed me to bring new ideas to the workplace that were directly applicable to the problems we were facing." College of Social Sciences and Humanities, CS 5100 - Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, CS 5170 - Artificial Intelligence for Human-Computer Interaction, CS 5330 - Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, CS 7180 - Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence, CS 7340 - Theory and Methods in Human Computer Interaction, EECE 5554 - Robotics Sensing and Navigation, DS 5230 - Unsupervised Machine Learning and Data Mining, CS 6800 - Application of Information Theory. The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics (MScAIBA) emphasizes a balanced coverage of subjects in AI and business analytics, as well as focuses on … Jobs in machine learning, software solutions and research all use this growing subject to make computers … +, As intelligent autonomous robots increasingly become part of our lives, the field of human-robot interaction seeks to understand and improve all aspects of interactions betwee Digital technologies are omnipresent in today's society and business world. "Professors consistently took deep dives into their areas of expertise and made sure to tie it back to real-world examples. The 12-month full-time Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI)* is designed to meet the growing need for talented professionals with the skills and advanced applied knowledge to develop, … A recent survey of IT executives found that while only 4% of organizations have begun to invest and deploy AI initiatives, 46% have plans to do so in the near future. Many of your courses will be taught by internationally known researchers spanning a wide range of areas in artificial intelligence … Also, our faculty is the home of the 2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Ben Feringa, and the Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Frits Zernike. 9am, Thursday, Mar 11, Northeastern offers 33 doctoral programs—in emerging fields within the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and engineering. It’s the only Masters in AI in Australia that allows you to specialise in key technical areas, including interactive media and … UNT’s degree is … Each course typically gives students in-depth knowledge of an aspect of machine learning and teaches them to create and program unique projects for the artificial intelligence field.

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