As far as his singing goes, he hasn’t really changed his vocal delivery, but I get that you would rather hear his country singing over a more standard classic country backdrop. November 1, 2017 @ Cookies help us deliver our Services. November 3, 2017 @ Simpson had only scantly used Twitter recently anyway, but had been using Instagram to post things upon occasion, including during his recent trip to Japan that was a hit with followers. November 5, 2017 @ What a blessing that would be. Big Cat 8:43 am, Aaron Kross Sturgill Simpson was born on June 8, 1978, in Jackson, Kentucky. To be clear, Scruffy, I care, just in the opposite direction. IDontAlwaysPostAboutThatOneShow Ulysses McCaskill Around 2:20 here. November 1, 2017 @ 9:12 pm. Musical guest Sturgill Simpson performs "Life of Sin" for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Deleting all the content on his social media feeds is something Simpson has done numerous times before, and sometimes in preparation of a big announcement such as a new tour. This afforded Simpson a performance slot on the presentation, and inspired him to book a smallish, but nation-spanning 2017 tour, which wrapped up on Saturday, October 14th in Sugar Land, TX, just southwest of Houston. ScruffyCity He’s got more talent than you could ever hope for. Come along for the ride! I’m hoping maybe he’s taking some time off for speech therapy. November 2, 2017 @ 10:22 am. November 1, 2017 @ I wouldn’t take it as an indication of where his direction is headed, and he even admitted that the format was a little self indulgent, and that it was the leanest and meanest band he will ever have the opportunity to play with. My hope is that he will return to a larger band format, with a steel player and another lead player, or at least a co-lead player. I’d be more interested in that than a rock record. Larry But, i think he gets a kick out of changing things up and kind of pissing people off a bit ; ), Gina Just don’t care. 2:09 pm. Maybe death metal? You still have Midland, so don’t fret. damn good song. In last week's Weekend Music Roundup blog, can't-miss-don't-miss Sturgill dropped another album this year, Cuttin' Grass Vol 2 - the Cowboy Arms Sessions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SturgillSimpson community. (Heavy sarcasm). November 1, 2017 @ Upcoming Musical Throwdowns: May 5 Moody Theatre Austin, TX. I have no problem understanding him. Too bad, because his instagram feed was one of the more entertaining accounts ever. I’m down for whatever he does. But, as I posted that it just occurred to me that he also doesn’t work in the same stratosphere as other musicians. 10:31 am. Stringbuzz November 3, 2017 @ Honky I wish I could disappear from social media but it’s a big part of my job, so no dice. After recovering from … Just the opposite, actually. 8:44 am. 9:16 am, I know, Gina. I honestly cannot wrap my head around the idea that any real country music fan could dislike Sturgill Simpson and Willie Nelson. November 3, 2017 @ I think those words sum the man up about as well as one can….and that’s what he is admitting. 7:22 pm. November 2, 2017 @ I think the same thing about your stint as the house “I hate everything” commenter on SCM, Honkster. He asked people if they like Willie Nelson and Red Headed Stranger album. Kris Kirstofferson, Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, Kevin On Instagram, Sturgill Simpson joined Isbell in calling out the show for not mentioning Prine. November 1, 2017 @ I ordered the DVD…mine arrived after the CMT airing, but my name isn’t Sturgill Simpson. He said he wanted to get his hair all dreaded out and wanted to cover the whole album reggae style. jtrpdx After seeing the above screenshot, I think the post was likely meant as more of a clever joke, and there probably isn’t any real message to be conveyed. Wild, amazing, moving story dropped late last week. partly truth, partly fiction Maybe that’s wishful thinking…and man, I’d love to play Jack Cooke style bass on that one. Chad Perry Sturgill Simpson was initially planning to take the entirety of 2017 off in anticipation of the birth of his second child, but scrapped those plans after he was nominated for multiple Grammy awards, including Best Country Album which he won in February, as well as the vaunted all-genre Album of the Year. Mark November 3, 2017 @ I’m guessing a hip-hop oriented EDM record but you never know. jtrpdx I am in the camp with Honky, until he comes back to his country roots I’m not going to buy an album of anybodies if it isn’t country, period. marky mark This is just to revamp image of all His feeds. A place to discuss the music, lyrics and philosophy of Sturgill Simpson and his band mates. HA! Sturgill Simpson dropped a surprise double bluegrass album on fans, Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1 – The Butcher Shoppe Sessions, which is out now digitally on High Top Mountain Records via Thirty Tigers/The Orchard.. Simpson returns to the music he cut his teeth on from his native Kentucky on the new bluegrass project, which he calls “a mixtape for the fans.” Now let me go crank up some Sturgill hoss. I mean he can’t go wrong if he gonna do something inspired by that song… , Dylan 9:20 am. As far as I remember, nothing came of it. It sickens me. jtrpdx I think he is probably just laying low and spending time with the family…..and he has always seemed to get a kick out of keeping people guessing. But to me, his vocal delivery, many of the song structures, the steel guitar on every song but 1, and badass way it was written, recorded and produced (very outlaw, for all you purists), make it more country than those mentioned above, and others. November 2, 2017 @ He did the same thing a few months back. Sturgill Simpson’s Keeps His Bluegrass Promise This Friday Photo via Sturgill Simpson Instagram In the worst kept secret in current days Sturgill Simpson is set to release his first solo bluegrass album, titled ‘Cuttin’ Grass Vol. I’ll expect whatever I damn well please…not unlike how Sturgill’s gonna make whatever the hell he damn well pleases! Larry November 2, 2017 @ November 1, 2017 @ Sturgill Simpson didn’t waste time during the lockdown., There is more to a good song than the vocals, girl, fitting into your narrow definition, girl, of what a country singer must sound like exactly, girl. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 5:57 pm, Honky mentions Keith Whitley but Sturgill isn’t his taste, then you don’t like Keith Whitley. A spoken word album with a background of ambient noise run through a tape loop and a home-made effects box? November 1, 2017 @ 5:45 am. Finally, I don’t think there are as many people as you think who are saying that he is without a doubt the end all be all “best country has to offer”. I’m right and you’re wrong…:), Pool 8:46 am. For that I’ll always be grateful. Wouldn’t be the first time Sturgill mis-recollected lyrics. 7:54 pm. A- he releases another country-ish record Trigger Or maybe not. He recorded ASGTE in about a week, and that was after going into the studio with a band that had never even heard the songs. 5:01 pm, How dare you! jtrpdx Sturgill Simpson has announced a new LP dropping this Friday called Cuttin’ Grass Vol. Honky November 2, 2017 @ However this time it was quite a deeper cleansing. He said it would be next year most likely when he was live on Facebook this evening. Really looking forward to the next release. His 3rd album is also just as, if not more, country than many other things that seem to get lumped into the category of acceptable listening these days by “country purists” (Isbell, Turnpike Troubadours, Moreland to name a few). He’s just no big deal to me. Honky is the resident hipster contrarian. Haha! Sam Cody Not meaning to offend anyone…..just don’t get it and I’ve pretty-much given up trying . Sunday Valley reunion? November 1, 2017 @ His lyrics are included with all of his music, and there may be a few you have to look up, but once you know them, you can understand what he’s saying. For my Mom’s birthday in 2016, I got tickets for both of us and the travel and accommodations to/from Nashville. 7:13 pm, Summer Jam I don’t have as hard a time as some people claim to have in understanding him, but if you highly value vocal clarity and his authentic kentucky drawl is annoying, I can understand that. Everyone handled their quarantine in their own way, but Simpson joined Instagram and started communicating directly with his fans in his decidedly unfiltered way. November 2, 2017 @ Whiskey_Pete 10:29 pm. Sturgill Simpson has returned with a new album, Cuttin' Grass Vol 2 - The Cowboy Arms Sessions, which is the follow-up to his album Cuttin Grass Volume 1, … Simpson’s Facebook page does remain active, but only displays basic tour and merch information, including the fact that he does have a festival appearance coming up on April 20th, 2018 at the Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta.

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